Embodied Soul Flow – A Creative Movement Class for Women
Taught by Alison Litchfield

Embodied Flow for Women is a movement practice designed specifically for women’s bodies, to align with the feminine energies within. We often try to adjust our bodies to the yoga rather that adjusting the yoga for our unique, changing bodies.  As women, we experience monthly cycles as well as pregnancy, menopause and then aging. These are all transitions to be honored for our health and wellbeing.    When we understand how to slow down, tune in and listen we are guided to live in a deeper, more conscious relationship with our surroundings.

In this practice we bring in somatic practices, feminine archetypes, Ayurvedic practices and more to support our cyclical nature and awaken our feminine energy. We will work both calming, restorative practices to cultivate our lunar side as well as exploring ways of moving more solar energy in a more dynamic practice. Both styles encourage the balancing of our hormones and honoring our cycles. We’ll also look at ways of using yoga, movement and meditation to build a healthy and happy body-image that focuses more on loving yourself from the inside out. This class brings in a combination of yoga, energy movement, breath work, mantra and sound to open the life force channels in the body. You’ll feel energized and rejuvenated!!

Alison Litchfield

Alison Litchfield

Weekly Schedule for Embodied Soul Flow

9-10am with Alison L