Greeting the Subtle Body

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Classes are held at Floorspace Studio, 1510 Zamia Ave, Boulder, CO.

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Be Center in Boulder, Colorado, is a safe space to come home to yourself. Our center is based on the balance of 3 pillars that offer a foundation for better physical and mental well-being:

– Flexibility and range of motion of your muscles and joints 

– Strength and stability

– Calming the nervous system and breath (subtle body)

We offer Therapeutic Yoga Practice classes and workshops to experience more relaxation and less stress in this fast paced world. 

Our goal for you is that you feel safe to experience deep nourishment and leave feeling rejuvenated. 


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Upcoming Workshops

Open Your Heart ~ Backbends

February 22, 9-11 am

Tuning Up and Tuning In

April 25, 2020  9-11 am