Welcome to Be Center in Boulder, Colorado. We are located at 

1676 30th Street Boulder, Co. 80301
(same location as a previous studio, Studio Be Yoga).

We are a center offering many kinds of yoga, meditation, and other movement arts. We provide a safe, tranquil and supportive environment to explore and discover what is arising in your body and mind. We create a space where individuals can open to the possibilities of what can be.

Here you can greet your subtle body. When we discover, engage, and move with the natural rhythms and intelligence of our bodies, we begin to feel connected to our vitality, we come to peace and our mind quiets. This is an invitation, a beckoning into awareness. 

Be Center is a group of knowledgeable, dedicated movement and meditation instructors with years of experience. Knowing that each individual is unique and not just one approach fits all, we celebrate the uniqueness of each student. Be Center was created to support rich inquiry into the relationship of body and mind. 

Be Center is a beautiful and serene center in central Boulder where yoga and other movement arts are taught with heart, creativity, and clarity. Classes emphasize the internal practices; the dynamic interplay of focused awareness and receptive action supported by breath. We explore the brilliance of outer form while awakening the life force that nourishes deep layers and inner presence that reveals silence. We take great care to support the individualized and healthy practices and encourage students to pay close attention to what is right for them. Frequent referrals from the medical community underscore our reputation. We invite you to join us for this exploration. 


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Therapeutic Yoga, Qigong, Feldenkrais and more.