By Teri Jacobson, MA CYI

The definition of Connection according to Merriam-Webster,
“something that joins or connects two or more things: a person
connected with another.

”Humans are genetically programmed for connections via relationships
with others. We are highly attuned to reading social cues, non-verbal
actions that instantly tell us how another is feeling when we
communicate. We also have the ability to tap into our own inner
universe of feelings, thoughts and spirit. Studies are beginning to
realize how much social media and technology is disrupting the
biological connections necessary for our emotional survival.

Teen years are spent making these important inner and outer
connections. Teens build an understanding of their place in the world
based on internal belief systems. Studies are beginning to show how
social media and the isolating behavior of technology is interrupting the
development of these influential systems, affecting teens’ mental
health as well as their view of themselves.

Yoga provides a quiet and supportive space where a teen can leave
worries about school, friends and family behind. Each person is
recognized as strong, whole and perfect. The teen is empowered to
take control of her body using full or modified poses and using
breathing techniques, such as meditation, which reconnect the mind
back to the heart and body. It is also used to release unwanted
thoughts and feelings, replacing them with empowering actions and
body positive emotions.

Humans need healthy and grounded connections to others to thrive.
Social media and technology may not support these personal
connections, especially for teens. Yoga can be an important tool to
counteract the negative influences of intense social media use, by
helping teens build their inner wisdom, strength and peace.