Gentle Strength Yoga
Taught by Kerry Maiorca

Join us in the radical practice of doing less!

This embodied mindfulness practice offers a variety of feel-good floor poses as well as selected active and standing poses in both dynamic and static application to help you:  

Gently build strength and stability throughout the body

* Foster mobility guided by conscious breath

* Cultivate space for stillness, quiet, and deep rest

While this class is incredibly beneficial for those with restrictions, limitations, or injuries, it’s not just a second choice when active yoga practice isn’t possible. Instead, this class suggests entirely different goals and intentions.

* Are you ready to stop striving for pose mastery?

* Can you carve out time from your busy week to practice listening to what your body, mind, and whole being craves? 

* What if you invited yourself to come home to peace, calm, and well-being?

No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary.

Kerry Maiorca

Kerry Maiorca