Gentle Strength Yoga
Taught by Kerry Maiorca

Balance out your active lifestyle by taking a slower and more introspective approach on the mat. This class offers accessible techniques that gently strengthen, foster mobility guided by conscious breath, and cultivate space for stillness, quiet, and deep rest. Using a variety of satisfying floor-based poses as well as selected active and standing poses in both dynamic and static application, this approach is compassionate to the body’s desire to move; sequencing intentionally offers the spine its full range of nourishing movements in a way appropriate to the individual student’s needs. At the same time, each class honors the need to soothe the nervous system via long-held restorative poses, and offers a closer look at the mind through basic breathing and meditation techniques.

Appropriate for both new and experienced practitioners, Gentle Strength Yoga is not an “easier” approach; it’s an embodied mindfulness practice. And while incredibly beneficial for those with restrictions, limitations, or injuries, it’s not just intended as a second choice when active practice isn’t possible. Instead, it’s a practice with entirely different goals and intentions. Rather than striving for pose mastery, fitness, or a particular look to the body, what might happen (on and off the mat) if you carved out time from your busy week to practice listening to what your body, mind, and whole being craved? What if you invited yourself to come home to peace, calm, and well-being?

Class is conducted without music, so the soundtrack accompanying you is only the simple guidance and light-hearted storytelling from your teacher, and the comforting sound of your own breath. Each practice will end with a brief period of basic guided breath work and meditation, followed by a long and luxuriously-propped savasana.

No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary. Come join us in the radical practice of doing less!

Kerry Maiorca

Kerry Maiorca

Weekly Schedule for Gentle Strength Yoga (starts 10/11)

10:30-11:45am with Kerry