Integrated Flow Yoga
Taught by Marni Gauthier

Integrated Flow Yoga yokes contemporary and ancient wisdom to skillfully sequenced yoga and meditation. Grounded in a deeply educated practice and teaching, Marni’s classes provide foundational alignment and link movement to breath in a balance of precision and flow. Rooted in the classical Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions, Marni frames each class with a clear intention and arc that, through Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (mediation), lead to a deep experience of savasana and equanimity. This is Asana in an original sense of mastering the body to ready it for meditation.

Each class consists of a brief Wisdom Talk (that connects a poem, quote, yoga sutra, or reflection to our lived experience); a thoughtfully instructed yoga sequence; and a short meditation practice. (Structured as ~15-45-15 minutes).

This Integrated Flow helps make sense of our complex times and of our lives in relation to the currents that connect us all. It exhilarates the body, quiets the mind, and animates the spirit.


Marni Gauthier

Marni Gauthier

Weekly Schedule for Integrated Flow Yoga (Starts Sept 5)

5-6:15pm with Marni