Group Private Lessons 

We offer group lessons for friends or families for special occasions. Ongoing private lessons are also available for groups that want lessons at a specific time and place.

Rates for Private Lessons 

Private lessons can be held at our private office or at your home. 

1 student~ Be Center: $95 /hour
Off-site : $115/ hour + travel costs.

2-4 students ~ Be Center: $115/ hour
Off-site: $135/hour + travel costs

Workplace Instruction

Packages for Employees – We offer special rates to workplaces that want to provide access to our center classes for their employees.

Lessons at Your Workplace – We offer instruction for employers who want to offer classes on their premises. The classes will be customized to the abilities and interests of your employees. Our teachers are fully insured and offer high quality, safe instruction. We can help you to evaluate space and equipment requirements for your yoga classes, and will provide substitutes if the regular teacher is not available.

Rates are typically $135 for a 60 minute class, plus travel charges for locations outside of Boulder City limits. Employers may also opt to have employees pay for part or all of the class fees.

For more information email or call us.