Rasa Yoga
Taught by Ketul Arnold

Rasa is a very slow, gentle and soft form of the practice of yoga. It was developed by Ketul Arnold for persons with significant health challenges (i.e. Parkinson’s Disease). Taught at the beginner level, Rasa is appropriate for students of all levels and health conditions. Rasa is unique in its use of sound, especially the healing power of humming. Students hum throughout the practice, tone vowel sounds and chant a Vedic mantra. Rasa is a Sanskrit word and one of its meanings signifies the first major tissue of the body. Physically, we know this tissue as the blood plasma and chyle. Spiritually, it is known as joy. According to Ayurveda, the other tissues of the body depend upon the health, integrity and awakening of this joy tissue. We hope that the experience of Rasa Yoga will reawaken your joy and stimulate your core health.

The Rasa Yoga class is offered at no cost. Donations are appreciated.

Ketul Arnold

Ketul Arnold

Weekly Schedule for Rasa Yoga

1:30-2:45pm with Ketul