Stretch and Reset
Taught by Makaan Burt

A movement and yoga class for those believing in creating youthfulness and flexibility. Using myofacial release, alignment, core strength and flowing sequences we will reset our faith and our radiant health each week.

 This class is appropriate for beginners, injury issues as well as athletes looking to expand their knowledge of structural alignment. By repeating somatic movements and stretches, you will untangle tension in your structural web and release patterns of stress and pain.

If you feel stiff or tight, you can use this gentle form of yoga. You don’t need to continue being stiff. You can regain the loose limbs, neck and shoulders you had as a youth. Learn and refine key actions for a safe and effective yoga practice. Uniting innate intuition with the modern science of biomechanics empowers potent transformation and healing.

This class uses breath to explore both innovative and the old world traditions of yoga. These techniques are adapted to the individual. By integrating the breath into our practice, we develop the connection between body and mind using mindfulness to stay present. This builds awareness of the various levels of our being (mental, emotional, bio-energetic, and physical). Yoga philosophy and relaxation included in each class. Individual issues can be addressed.

Makaan Burt

Makaan Burt

Weekly Schedule for Stretch and Reset

2-3:15pm with Makaan