Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

 Taught by Marisa Wolfe

 Saturday, August 11, 2-5 pm

 Cost $55

Thai Yoga Massage is a form of bodywork done fully-clothed on the floor. Based in the ancient practices of Traditional Thai Medicine with heavy influences from Yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, this form of massage incorporates focused work on the energy lines of the body (Sen) while the receiver is moved and stretched into a variety of yoga-like positions and compression massage techniques are employed. The body is treated as a whole, safely and slowly pulled, stretched and rocked. The combination of passive movement and assisted stretching opens the joints, releases connective tissues and increases circulation, leaving the recipient moving more easily and feeling both calm and invigorated.

Thai Yoga Massage is a treat for both giver and receiver. As the giver stretches and moves into a variety of yoga-like positions, they also move their partner into familiar yoga poses that encourage length in muscles, space in joints and ease in the mind. Easy to give, a delight to receive Thai Yoga Massage will give you a greater understanding of human movement, our propensity to work too hard and the absolute delight in really learning to let go.

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Marisa is a Kripalu Yoga teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist/Continuing Education Provider with a passion for Thai Yoga Massage. A long-time studio owner, she now travels to share this passion with massage therapists, yoga teachers, PTs looking to expand their offerings and bring more ease to their practice. Her classes are infused with humor while seriously exploring functional anatomy, body mechanics, metta, meditation and the joy of movement. She harbors a deep belief in the healing power of relaxation and ease of effort in all practices, always leading her students into a deeper conversation with themselves because everyone deserves to feel good.