The Wholly Embodied Woman: ½ Day Mini-Retreats for Women

Taught by Alison Rothman

Are you energetically drained, uninspired, and unclear?

Do you feel disconnected from your body and long to feel grounded and a sense of peace?

Are you in need of a safe space to unwind, feel yourself, and connect to your heart?

Do you desire to go on a retreat yet cannot commit to being away for more than a day?

These monthly mini-retreats are for you.

Each 4-hour mini-retreat includes:

  • Deep and Embodied Yoga that Honors your Body, Heart, and Soul
  • Mindful Meditation and Movement
  • Creative Expression
  • Connection to Like-Minded Women

Appropriate for all levels.

Reclaim your power and potency.
These mini-retreats honor women and their individual paths; empowering them in who they are through embodiment practices and supportive community connection.  They are an opportunity for a reset and renewal. These are retreats for any woman longing for a deeper connection to their bodies, their hearts, and their true selves.

Alison ​has practiced yoga since 1997 and taught since 2003. She is also a skilled bodyworker of 17 years, a Health and Wellness Coach, and single mama to a 9-year old boy. Alison created Embody Yoga and Meditation through her own practice and capacity that the yoga and meditation have had in support of her healing from a longtime eating disorder as well as in navigating several traumatic life experiences and single motherhood.

Alison provides students and clients with a holistic and embodied experience. She guides students into a deeper relationship and connection with themselves and their bodies through proficient teaching and hands-on facilitation. Alison believes that when we can take a look at how we are relating to ourselves and our bodies while on our yoga mat and on our cushions, we are able to deepen our understanding of how we are relating to ourselves and to others in our lives. We can use that medicine and information to become more whole, present, and grounded beings.

Alison’s classes, workshops and retreats provide a safe haven for exploration, transformation, and renewal — creating a respite from the stresses of modern day living. Her unique style of teaching and extensive knowledge of the body provide the venue and possibility of finding ones true connection to self, ones body and heart, and the support — both physical and emotional — to strengthen and expand.

Saturdays from 1:00pm – 5:00pm

June 16th
July 7th
August 18th
September 15th

Cost: $65 per retreat or $300 for 6 retreats