Women’s Relational Leadership

Savvy Relational Skill-Craft for Female Professionals

With Erin Keeley and Angela Grace

Wednesday, July 18, 7:30-9:00 pm


Hey super-ladies! Did you know that your ability to lead through reliable and inspiring relationships directly impacts your capacity to sustain and expand your business/career? And did you know that the world needs your feminine/relational style of leadership now more than ever?

Evolution has provided women advantages in interpersonal intelligence. Research also shows the positive effect that females in leadership roles, and as individual contributors, are having on the success and sustainability of businesses.

However, unless we put time into learning the savvy skills that make it possible to harness these intelligences, we may find that we are getting in our own way. So, let’s learn how to bring more of our superpowers into play!

Workshop includes Erin and Angela’s top 5 relational leadership skills, Authentic Relating communication tools, group and partner communication games, and laughter!

Together we will learn how to…
*Prevent yourself from unconsciously sabotaging your relationships
*Use authentic and effective communication to ask for what you want with ease
*Face conflict and create rapport in tough situations
*See the ways you may be misreading other women and losing potential allies


Angela and Erin are an all female team of business leadership coaches/trainers who have backgrounds in engineering and yoga.

They specialize in bringing interpersonal skills, ingenuitive systems and awareness itself to small businesses that are motivated to create modern, co-creative culture… beyond “just business”.



Erin Keeley

Erin Keeley

Erin Keeley (MS) is an executive coach, company culture consultant and a women’s relationship/dating coach. She runs relational leadership trainings and teaches the skills needed to cultivate healthy and inspiring teams and partnerships. She’s also a yoga teacher, engineer and mama. She offers systemic and individual solutions to one of our most pressing cultural dilemmas: Isolation and depression rooted in a lack of understanding how to engage meaningful human connection. www.erincolleenkeeley.com

Angela Grace

Angela Grace

Angela Grace is a health coach, yoga and fitness instructor, and business leadership coach who specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses or teams within larger corporations to both startup and also develop business systems and company culture as they grow.  With a background in engineering, project management, fitness studio management and instruction, as well as energy work and authentic relating practices, she is not only able to bring business and cultural systems, also leadership and relational coaching to you and your business. www.angelagrace.life

Cost: $20