Women’s Yoga
Taught by Alison Litchfield


This class is for Women only, a practice designed specifically for women’s bodies, to align with our cyclical nature. We often try to adjust our bodies to the yoga rather that adjusting the yoga for our unique, changing bodies.  As women, we experience so many issues today from body image to giving our power away as well as hormonal changes from our monthly cycles, pregnancy, menopause and aging.When we heal and become aware of these issues we can stay more balanced with our health and wellbeing.    When we understand how to slow down, tune in and listen and cultivate our instincts we are guided to live in a deeper, more conscious relationship with our surroundings.


In this practice we weave yoga asana with feminine archetypes, nutritional and Ayurvedic practices and more to support our cyclical nature and awaken our feminine energy. We will work both calming, restorative practices to cultivate our lunar side as well as cultivating empowering solar energy through a more dynamic practice. Both styles encourage the balancing of our hormones and honoring of our cycles. All levels are welcome!!

Alison Litchfield

Alison Litchfield

Weekly Schedule for Women’s Yoga

9-10am with Alison L