Online Therapeutic Yoga with De West

My goal in teaching yoga is to provide a safe space to come home to yourself and now you can practice in the comforts of your home.

Be Center is based on the balance of three pillars that offer a foundation for better physical and mental well-being:

  • Flexibility and range of motion of your muscles and joints
  • Strength and stability
  • Calming the nervous system and breath (subtle body)

These Online Therapeutic Yoga classes are designed to provide more relaxation and less stress, especially during these time. Our goal for you is that you feel safe to experience deep nourishment and leave feeling rejuvenated.

Yoga from the Comfort of Your Home

If you don’t have your own props, don’t worry! I will provide useful modifications so you can practice anywhere that has enough room for you to lie down.

5 Live Classes Each Week

Get access to 5 live classes, plus an instant 24-hour replay inside our private Facebook group. We meet every weekday.

The Spirit of Yoga

Your yoga practice is crucial to keeping your health and spirit up at this unprecedented time. We may not be able to gather together in a yoga studio, but we can see each other’s faces online!

Watch a clip from one of my recent classes:

What Others are Saying

Bless you, De, for moving so quickly to create on-line classes, and at a price that most can afford! As always, your classes are very soothing, with just the right amount of challenge. I plan to sign in often. I know it will help to settle my nervous system. You’re an extraordinary example in this extraordinary time.

Linda G.

De’s classes are a blessing. Since my daughter was born, I haven’t been able to make it to De’s studio classes as often. Now that she has online classes, I can practice every day at a time that works for me. De’s therapeutic yoga practice is the only yoga practice that has worked for me as someone with chronic health challenges. Her guidance is soothing in an uncertain and stressful time. She is such a wise and grounding presence!

Abby M.

During this time of social distancing, having the opportunity to practice with De online is deeply nourishing. From the moment I heard her voice, and continuing throughout the practice, my nervous system was able to relax in a deep way. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to have this connection through De’s guidance and grounding presence.

Nancy G.

I’m thrilled to now be able to take De West’s classes online from my home in Maryland. I first enjoyed working with De in her studio while visiting our daughter in Boulder. Then this past January our whole family spent a wonderfully therapeutic week with her at her retreat in Mexico. I have not found a practice that better helps me improve my range of motion and flexibility and stretch and strengthen my arthritic limbs. As someone with balance challenges, I particularly value De’s measured pace and supportive guidance.

Pam Z.

I know we all need something nourishing to do while we’re couped up at home, so I have made my online yoga classes as affordable as possible. In fact, the price per class is less than the cost of a latte!

Here’s What you Get:

5 LIVE Online Therapeutic Yoga Classes Every Week

A Replay of My Favorite Class Each Weekend

Practice at Your Leisure with A 24-hour Class Replay Every Day

Access to our Private Facebook Group


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De West is a leader in the Boulder, Colorado yoga community and her over 25 years of teaching combines yoga therapy with alignment principles. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Yoga Therapists Association since 2007 and a member of the Yoga Alliance since 2005. De is the founder of Be Center and she teaches Therapeutic Yoga Practice classes and privates at Floorspace Studio in Boulder, CO. 

The unique therapeutic yoga practice that De has developed is a movement practice that allows people of all ages and abilities to experience a positive, relaxed and transforming experience in both body and mind. Precision, creative sequencing and deep understanding of anatomy contribute to De’s passion for helping students create more peace and freedom in their bodies and minds. Students leave De’s classes rejuvenated, grounded and infused with a sense of personal and physical empowerment. 

She started practicing yoga after a biking accident that left her with multiple injuries. She found ways to touch the pain in her body and to heal misalignments. Many master teachers have informed her yoga therapy practice and her over 8 years of working with osteopathic doctors in pain clinics. After teaching many intensive athletic-style practices, she discovered that her students seemed to get even more benefits from a quieter, deeply internal and therapeutic yoga practice.