Summer Nourishment: Therapeutic Yoga Practice Workshop

With De West

Saturday, June 15th, 9-11 am

Cost: $35

Location: Jeanie’s Yoga Shala in North Boulder, 1480 Violet Avenue, Boulder, Co 80304

Studio is not wheelchair accessible

Parking: MUST be in front of the house and to the WEST, not in front of neighbors.

*Limited Space Available

Nourishment is the food or other substances necessary for growth, health and continued thriving. Usher in your summer season with this workshop that focuses on the organ pair, heart and small intestine. 

The heart is fire. It houses the Spirit (consciousness, mind and spirit) and is concerned with the production and circulation of the blood. The small intestine receives the food that has been digested by the spleen and stomach; then it further extracts, absorbs, and distributes it throughout the body, while separating the pure from the impure. The organ pair spreads your vital Chi/Prana for your entire body therefore providing you with nourishment. 

We will practice active poses to tonify the organ pair and cool our internal heat then we will complete our summer sequence with poses to balance agitation, restlessness and hyperactivity. This will leave us feeling calm, grounded and nurtured. Join in this workshop to honor summer and nourish yourself! 


Cost: $35